This participatory work, an integration of public art, landscape and public space built at Expo 86, was an award winning competition design for the entry processional and pavilion of transportation and communication. The four lane concrete highway rises out of the sea, undulates along the land and breaks off, ending in mid air between two major city highway viaducts and culminating with an automobile soaring to the sky. Its cantilevered undulations contain clear spans of up to 112 feet long and 39 feet high. The entire surface of the highway is covered with 200 air, land and sea vehicles, which include jogging shoes, skate boards, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, cars, trucks, planes, helicopter, submarine, space capsule and lunar rover, among others. Haunted and surreal when empty, the highway is transformed and animated by people.

1986 World Exposition, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Materials: concrete, steel, 200 vehicles (air, land + sea), paint
Dimensions: highway: 60 ft. H x 712 ft. W x 40 ft. D vehicles: life size