Developed as a rippled ‘wave’ in the pavement, this site-specific work symbolically extends the ocean into the entry plaza of the Project Oceanology Building. A changing spectrum of water tones flow through etched glass beneath the surface of the 'ripple'. This fiber optic light brings a kinetic dimension, visually activating the implied motion. The sculptural gesture of the 'wave' form is interactive, affording informal seating for the students in the entry plaza area.

Location: Project Oceanology Building, University of Connecticut at Avery Point/Groton, CT
Materials: epoxy resin, aluminum, etched glass, fiber optics, paint.
Dimensions: 3 ft.-6 in. H x 16 ft. W x 2 ft. D

Commissioned by State of Connecticut for Project Oceanology Building through the University of Connecticut and the Connecticut Commission on the Arts