The River Sculpture is a celebration of water, the universal source of life. In a site-specific development, the wall of the Grove Hotel is transformed into a vertical river cut into the granite skin of the building. Neon, fog, fused glass, and a light reactive background are incorporated, visually transforming from day to night. The dynamic interplay of water and light is projected out from the two dimensional plane of the riverbed into three dimensions, creating an effect of looking into reflective water. Research revealed the existence of a network of canals beneath the city streets, and the Boise City Canal beneath the new hotel. This work acknowledges the existence of this water by releasing it so that it appears to burst out of the ground and reclaim the wall. The river imagery grows directly out of the importance and connection of the life and inhabitants of the City to the river.

Location: Grove Hotel & Bank of America Centre, Boise, Idaho
Materials: granite, fused glass, neon, fog, aluminum, marbleized paint
Dimensions: 50 ft. Hx19 ft. W x 6 in.

Commissioned by Boise City Arts Commission, Block 22, LLC and Capital City Development Corporation