Thresholds create a special identity for each classroom, and become an expression of this in the public corridor. Visually kinetic, they are interactive and offer creative options. The physical process of ’entry’, passing through a ‘door’ is transformed into an experience of ‘opening’, an extension of learning as a process of personal growth. The ‘door’ as ‘threshold’ to expanding minds. In the historic tradition of incorporating sayings in schools, the top of each Threshold frame contains a unique inspirational and thought provoking quote. Related to ‘education’ and the process of learning, these words and messages are ‘revealed’ or discovered through the participation and exploration of the students. Thresholds function as a framing opportunity for class display. Colors appear and change in the prismatic patterned film as you move, visually activating both the quote and the surface of the Threshold.

Location: PS 83 and PS 360, Bronx, NY
Materials: steel, powder coat, etched glass, prism film
Dimensions: 8’3” x5’8”x1”

Commissioned by Public Art for Public Schools Program, Board Of Education of the City of New York Percent for Art Program, City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs