Proposal for the Maine Maritime Museum to commemorate the largest wooden coal Schooner and to celebrate the "magnitude of the task undertaken by the shipwrights" in the building of these massive wooden vessels. The Wyoming, launched in 1909 and no longer existing, measured 450 feet, taller than a seventeen story building and carried over 6,000 tons of coal in her hull. The massive volume of the Schooner is 'dematerialized' and transformed into a memory ship of parts that integrate with the land. Masts and prow rise up to full height in a linear projection of three-dimensional line drawing in space. A hull section/gazebo built in the bow enables visitors to 'enter' the drawing, and experience an area of the hull 'below Deck'.

Materials: steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, glass, coal, paint
Dimensions: 123 ft H x 450 ft L x 42 ft D